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Pitch Us!

Have a topic burning in your mind and ready to present for The Black Museum? Let us know!

We accept presentation proposals for events on horror and horror-adjacent topics (including sci-fi, fantasy, noire, suspense/thriller genres), from academics/educators, independent scholars, artists, authors/writers, film critics, filmmakers and/or crew, musicians, and all who fall in between.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Your full name and email.
  • A proposed lecture title and description, including the areas you want to discuss (approx. 200-400 words).
  • A brief summary telling us about who you are and why you’re uniquely qualified to present this lecture.
  • The film or a short list of media (books, video games, etc.) that will be featured in relation to your discussion,
  • Any technical requirements that will be needed for your presentation.
  • Your availability for presenting a virtual lecture event.

Submission: All pitches can be emailed to the Black Museum curator via info@theblackmuseum.com or via our contact form.

Code of Conduct

The Black Museum is a welcoming and safe environment that values diversity and inclusivity. All lecturers representing The Black Museum are expected to adhere to these values. The Black Museum reserves the right to decline a proposal, or cancel/withdraw from any lecture or event that violates this mandate.

Additional Notes

  • Attendance ranges in age (generally 18+), and many audience members are regular attendees with prior horror knowledge. Lectures should generally focus on trending topics or underexposed/under-appreciated areas of horror and horror-adjacent history.
  • The Black Museum will consider proposals with the understanding that the lecture/webinar has not already been presented in a previous series (through Black Museum or otherwise) within the last 12 months (please view our list of previous events). Candidates may submit multiple proposals.
  • The Black Museum is a volunteer-run, non-profit event series, which operates with the support of its community partners and attendees. Currently, we are committed to providing a schedule of events in a virtual format only, in accordance with the COVID-19 safety protocols.