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“A must-have experience for genre fans.”

— Dave Alexander, Rue Morgue magazine Editor-in-Chief

“I love seeing pro-active horror fans and creatives coming together. Another reason why T.O. is the horror capital of Canada!”

— Ghoulish Gary Pullin, Horror Illustrator and Designer

“[The Black Museum] reminds me why I give a damn about horror movies.”

— Alexandra West, Famous Monsters magazine

Named after Scotland Yard’s infamous murder exhibit, The Black Museum is a limited engagement of horror lectures that began in Fall 2012. Every other week we take over Toronto’s Big Picture theatre to talk scary movies.

The Black Museum will begin its second series in Spring 2013. Curators Paul Corupe and Andrea Subissati have selected a range of speakers and topics from film theory to genre studies to hands-on workshops by professionals in the biz. The Black Museum is a place where horror professionals of all kinds to share their experience, knowledge and love of the genre in a casual and interactive atmosphere.

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Fall 2013

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