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October 28, 2020

The Hanged Man: Tarot Archetypes in Horror


Tarot cards can tell us a lot about ourselves, and the world around us through its use of archetypes and the human experience. But how much can it tell us about the characters in genre films? Join Tarot Reader Laura Hokstad for a deep dive into the mystic world of tarot cards, as she discusses the history, their presence in horror, the archetypes, and how tarot relates to the characters in the film The Exorcist III ​(1990, William Peter Blatty​).​

Then follow along on Twitter via @BlackMuseumTO as we watch The Exorcist IIIAvailable to stream on Amazon Prime.

Date: Wednesday, October 28th, 2020
Time: Lecture at 7:30pm, live-tweet screening to follow, via @blackmusemTO, at approx. 8:20pm ET
Register for this complimentary event here.

This event is complimentary, but we welcome pay-what-you-can donations to support our programming and the guest lecturer! You can contribute at this ticket site, or via https://ko-fi.com/blackmuseumto.


Laura Hokstad has been studying and reading Tarot for 8 years. She has presented on tarot cards in horror films on Rue Morgue TV as well as at Frightmare in the Falls convention. When not divining with horror, Laura is an Art Director and has worked on such projects as Ready or Not, Shadowhunters and Wolf Cop 2.

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