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Post-Apocalyptic Romance in “The Omega Man”

By Carolyn Mauricette

The Motion Picture Production Code (created in 1930 and popularly known as the Hays Code after its creator Will H. Hays), was a code of conduct for the film industry to “maintain social and community values in the production of silent, synchronized and talking motion pictures.” It provided rules and regulations to uphold moral standards for society at large and to ensure motion pictures, “a form of art expression”, weren’t going to set the masses into immoral rampages. For example, there were rules about how murder was to be depicted, as well as alcohol consumption and various violent acts.

Among the rules was #6, “Miscegenation is forbidden.” Miscegenation, or mixing between the races, was forbidden by the code from 1930 to 1956. White and Black actors could not kiss on screen, let alone have simulated sex. While there’s evidence that it wasn’t the first interracial on-screen kiss, the one shared by Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and Uhura in 1968 was a mainstream first and a huge step for the entertainment industry, paving the way for others to come. 

Fast forward to 1971, when Lisa (Rosalind Cash) and Neville (Charlton Heston) kiss in their post-apocalyptic romance in The Omega Man. That kiss and subsequent love scene left a lingering effect on one of Hollywood’s most familiar faces as you’ll see in these clips!


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