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Player 3, Profile: Rokashi Edwards

We’re gearing up for our next event on April 13th! Co-hosts Evan Millar (Rue Morgue games editor) and Kaitlin Tremblay (Dames Making Games) will be discussing the dark side of the games industry with a look at its horror history to present in “Pixels ‘n Peril” (tickets available now!).

In the meantime, meet some of the local players in the games industry here in Toronto, and find out what game scares they’re haunted by.

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Meet: Rokashi Edwards, narrative designer, developer, and communications manager at The Hand Eye Society

What’s your referred system/platform?
I love my PS4 and my Vita. Yeah the Vita “died”, but there’s some weird irony there. It’s a really powerful device!

What first drew you to horror videos games?
I love the element of surprise as well as finding a way to face my realistic fears head on in the safety of my own home. A horror game that really comes to mind would be Ecco the Dolphin, when I first played it in my youth. I don’t think people realize that game was scary as hell. The music, environment and even the marine animals played a role in creating a sort of horror theme and that just wanted me to play it more? It’s a weird choice of game, I know but it planted the seed to make me want to play more and more games that explored horror.

Tell us a bit about a game/project you recently worked on.
Besides my game, I’m Fine, I haven’t done much since, but I have been working on a game idea that classifies as horror of the mind. Basically fighting inner demons and becoming a better person after defeating everyone one. It’s still in the early development stage, but it would be nice to have it out in the next year or so!

What is your favourite horror video game, and why?
I LOVE DEAD SPACE. Honestly that game is just so good. I’m already a huge fan of sci-fi and space travel, so playing Dead Space was more of a revolution to me. The lighting, the music (and lack thereof), the environment as well as the agency of the main character play a critical role in creating an original horror experience and I’m actually hoping that it gets re-released on PS4 so I can play it since I’m more of a MacOS and PS4 user. I don’t know, it’s just like so good? The boss battles also inspire a lot horror themes that pop into my head or even in games that i’ve made and haven’t released. It’s definitely a game that I cherish.

Who is your favourite horror video game character, and why?
Hmm… favourite horror video game character… I’d say Lee from TellTale’s The Walking Dead. He’s so relatable to me in the way that I’m always confused and scared and I work my way through those themes and emotions to be a better person. So really, I think this is a thing horror does. It can teach you to be better, to be fearless, to adapt. It’s inspiring, honestly.

What horror video game(s) has/have the most effective scares?
I have to admit I fall for jump scares every. Single. Time. I used to be ashamed of it, but I sort of embraced it. I’m a timid person, but feeling my heart raise into my throat feels good—like a subtle kink, if you will? You know what, yeah, I’ll say it. Jump scares can be a kink. Especially for a horror nerd like myself. Some good examples of games with these mechanics would be Outlast, Resident Evil 2, P.T (the cancelled Konami game). Oh my god can I talk about P.T. for a second? Jesus christ, that game literally almost made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack and die just for walking down a short hallway. I think it’s so great and inspiring to have a game work so well. It’s unfortunate that it was cancelled and only the demo was left *shakes fist at Konami*.

What horror video game are you currently playing?
Right now I’m playing Fallout 4 and while that game usually isn’t specifically horror, it does definitely have body horror themes since the game takes place after a nuclear explosion that basically levelled an entire city. I sometimes can’t deal with the way the game depicts body horror of the mutants, but giving me the ability (and agency?) to kill them is pretty satisfying! As for upcoming games, I’m really excited to play Days Gone. There is no zombie survival horror game that gets past me. I will play that game, I will be scared and I will love every second out of it!

Where can people follow you/your work online?
Most of my terrible jokes can be found on my twitter: www.twitter.com/rokashi, and I occasionally Stream on Twitch via twitch.tv/rokashii



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