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Debate Club: Meet Team Four

What’s your favourite scary movie? Is it a horror comedy by any chance?  Well, you’re in luck! Our annual Debate Club will be making strange noises for you to investigate at this next event, “They’re All Gonna Laugh At You”, taking place on October 19th at The Royal Cinema.

Come stalk Team Four at the battle for the title of “Best Horror Comedy” and see if these horror movies really do create psychos… and which one inspires the most killer laughs, of course.


Choice Film: Wes Craven’s Scream (1996)

Debater: Angelica Bailey


Angelica is a self described weirdo and lover of all things morbid. She is a trained special effects makeup artist, aspiring mortician and spends most of her days walking anti-social rescue dogs in her local cemetery. In 2016, she founded the Toronto Death Society (now Death Positive Toronto) and recently started her newest project, Morbid Toronto.

Check Out:

Instagram: morbidspice
Twitter: angelicamunster



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Debater: Anna Swanson


Anna is a writer and journalist from Toronto. She’s a senior contributor at Film School Rejects and has bylines at Cinema Scope, Reel Honey, and The Globe and Mail, among others. She recently completed her Master’s degree at U of T’s Cinema Studies Institute where her she focused her studies on the films of Claire Denis. She will happily talk anyone’s ear off about New French Extremity if given half a chance.

Check Out:

Instagram: annaswanson
Twitter: annaswnsn

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