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Blazing Trails: Rosalind Cash

Join us on Saturday, February 29th for a special Black History and Women in Horror Month lecture and screening!

Festival programmer (Blood in the Snow Film Festival) and film critic Carolyn Mauricette will discuss the implications of Afrofuturism, authority, and some real-life contradictions behind the scenes of the sci-fi/horror classic, THE OMEGA MAN (1971, dir. Boris Segal). In the meantime, take a look at this recommended read!

Event tickets and info available here!

By Carolyn Mauricette

We know almost everything about Charleton Heston, the rugged star of The Omega Man, but his leading lady in the film played by Rosalind Cash was also a seasoned stage and screen actor. Cash chose her roles thoughtfully, wanting to represent Blackness in a respectful, fully realized manner instead of the rampant stereotypes of the day. Her portrayal of Lisa in The Omega Man was one of her first roles and extremely impactful; blazing a trail for more black women to be fearless in sci-fi and horror.

“Lisa is what we currently demand in a leading lady. She has agency, wit, ingenuity, compassion. She receives the honest love of the hero and she’s cold-blooded too. In one scene, she forces her leading man onto a motorcycle at gunpoint—making him her getaway driver. This can’t be mainstream Hollywood in the early ’70s but it is and Lisa is unapologetically black. You can tell by her perfect afro, her headwrap, the black power fist she metaphorically holds high, and the fact she’s a Harlem girl. Here’s the part you’d never expect, Lisa survives.” — Sherin Nicole

The insightful article, “Black Women vs. The End of the World“, by writer and Geek Girl Riot host Sherin Nicole goes past the flaws of this sci-fi classic and explains how Cash’s portrayal of Lisa makes her a black sci-fi icon.

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