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A Look at The Omega Man

Join us on Saturday, February 29th for a special Black History and Women in Horror Month lecture and screening!

Festival programmer (Blood in the Snow Film Festival) and film critic Carolyn Mauricette will discuss the implications of Afrofuturism, authority, and some real-life contradictions behind the scenes of the sci-fi/horror classic, THE OMEGA MAN (1971, dir. Boris Segal). In the meantime, take a look at this recommended read!

Event tickets and info available here!

By Carolyn Mauricette

Prolific science fiction and horror writer Richard Matheson’s 1954 book, I Am Legend, had two film adaptations produced within a decade of each other: The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price in 1964 and The Omega Man eight years later in 1971 starring Charlton Heston.

Both films take the book’s story and create their own vision of the last man on Earth, with no prospects ahead of him and only himself to rely on; his sole existence representing the last bit of civilization as he knew it.

In the essay, “The Way the World Ends”, author J. D. Daniels takes a look at the ego of the last man in both films, the symbolism of the Christ figure whose only mission is to save humanity and whether that self-involved single-mindedness is truly the end goal.

The Way the World Ends

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