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November 7, 2013

King of the Ring: Stephen King Movie Debate

Introducing the Black Museum Debate Club, a brand new Black Museum event in which teams of horror fans and professionals get a chance to fight, feud and fuss on a particularly contentious area of horror filmmaking.

For the Debate Club’s debut meeting, four teams will square off on a question that’s hounded horror buffs for years: Which is the best horror film based on a story or novel by prolific horror writer Stephen King? Profiling four of the most well-known King adaptations, each team will get a chance to defend their choices, show off convincing film clips, and engage in a little Stephen King trivia to win over the judge and audience and take home the coveted Golden Tentacle trophy.

ADDED FEATURE: Stephen King Paperback and VHS Swap
Got some dog-eared Stephen King books and VHS tapes gathering dust on your shelf? Bring ‘em down to the Debate Club and trade with your fellow King fans to take home something new.


8pm, November 7, 2013
Big Picture Cinema – East, 1035 Gerrard Street East, Toronto


This event, moderated by Stuart Feedback Andrews (Rue Morgue Podcast), will feature the following teams:

Team 1: Tal Zimerman (writer, Rue Morgue Magazine) Steve Kostanski (director, Astron 6)
Team 2: Ghoulish Gary Pullin (Renowned Horror Artist) and Monica S. Kuebler (Managing Editor, Rue Morgue)
Team 3: Less Lee Moore (Popshifter.com) and Shaun Hatton (The Electric Playground)
Team 4: Alexandra West (Writer, Famous Monsters of Filmland) and J.M. McNab (Rewatchability podcast)

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  3. […] Reminder: The day this podcast comes out, Thursday Nov. 7, J.M. and frequent guest Alexandra West will be participating in a live Stephen King debate. More info can be found here. […]

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