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Posted by Gina Freitag
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Vicarious Chills and Video Game Thrills

As with horror movies, horror video games allow you to escape into the depths of apocalyptic, ancient, or otherworldly realms, to test your strength and wits, recover crucial evidence or important tools, destroy an enemy, save lives. All that stands between you and your next objective, that next level — that glory — are hellish land or cityscapes, seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and nightmarish foes.

Armed with bare fists, found objects, or heavy artillery, you slink along eerie hallways and down winding staircases, approaching bloodied doors with caution, and exploring ancient structures at your own risk. Any number of lurking monstrosities watch you from beyond. They silently stalk you through the woods and across mountainsides. Some hide in the shadows and around corners, waiting for you to draw close enough to swipe at. If you’re clever, you know when to pick your moments to stealthily sneak by or make your own strike. But you keep moving, you must keep moving, because you never know when you might just lose your head… or your mind.

As you advance, slaying ghouls and mutated beasts, ancient gods and demons, and murderous psychos along the way, you try to scavenge for resources and salvage your health, but alas, your senses are brutally assaulted. At any given point there are sudden ambushes and attacks, unsettling music cues, and the harsh cacophony of angry roars, shrill banshee shrieking, and ghastly wavering groans.

If all that isn’t enough, you face any number of other personal challenges that hinder your perilous journey: low health, amnesia or a fatal affliction, impossible odds, a race against the clock. Still, with your heart thudding in your ears and sweaty hands gripping that controller, you venture onwards, determined to prove yourself greater than the game. After all, it is just a game… isn’t it?

Join us at The Royal on Saturday, April 13th when co-hosts Evan Millar and Kaitlin Tremblay will be leading us deep into the realm of horror video games with their presentation, “Pixels ‘n Peril“!

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