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The Best of the Fess: Larry Fessenden’s Most Memorable Roles

In anticipation of our April lecture on Glasseye Pix honcho Larry Fessenden, we’ve assembled a list of the prolific actor/director’s best performances in film.

The Last Winter – Charles Foster

Fessenden wrote, directed and acted in THE LAST WINTER, playing Charles Foster. When an American oil company builds an ice road to seek energy independence, a crew member is found dead and naked in the snow, and that’s just the start of the strange events that endanger the lives of the team.


Youre Next – Erik Harson

Opening the film mid-coitus with a young woman, Fessenden plays Erik Harson, middle-aged neighbour of the Davidsons. He’s mutilated by the animal-masked murderers after his shower, while listening to “Looking for the Magic” by the Dwight Twilley Band on repeat. What a way to go.


I Sell The Dead – Willy Grimes

Fessenden stars alongside Ron Perlman and Angus Scrimm in this 2008 horror-comedy that follows notorious grave-robbers Arthur Blake and Willy Grimes, whose peculiar career path sees the likes of zombies and other supernatural oddities.


Habit – Sam

Performing again as writer, director and star, Fessenden plays Sam, a broken man who turns to the bottle after his relationship with his girlfriend Liza dissolves and his father dies. Sam’s woes spiral into madness when he meets Anna, an elusive vampire who pulls him into a world of addiction and excess.


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