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Reading List: Who You Gonna Call?

Brian Baker’s October 8th lecture, “Who You Gonna Call?: Paranormal Investigators in Spiritual Horror“, included references to the following works:

  • Anson, Jay, The Amityville Horror. Bantam Books, 1978
  • Chase, Robert David, Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, Ghost Hunters. Graymalkin Media, 2014
  • Cramner, Bob and Erica Manfred, The Demon of Brownsville Road. Berkeley, 2014.
  • Curran, Robert, The Haunted: One Family’s Nightmare, 1988
  • Garton, Ray, In a Dark Place. Dell, 1994
  • Holzer, Hans, Ghosts: True Encounters With The World Beyond. Black Dog, 1997
  • Holzer, Hans, Murder in Amityville. Dorchester Publishing, 1982
  • Perron, Andrea, House of Darkness House of Light: The True Story, Vol. 1. Authorhouse, 2011.


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