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Canada’s Creepiest PSAs?

While we’ll be focusing on disturbing classroom safety films at The Black Museum’s upcoming August 13 lecture “School of Shock”, many youngsters were equally traumatized by short television ads for safety councils that used upsetting imagery to make a point. For those of us growing up in and around Toronto, the first name in TV fear was the Construction Safety Association of Ontario, who produced several unforgettable PSAs about workplace injuries that probably discouraged kids from considering a career in the trades in the first place. Cheers to our friends at Retrontario for preserving these creepy TV commercials!

The twitching arm and smoking hardhat really sell this one.

Edgar Allan Poe knew that being buried alive is no fun. Here’s a Gothic twist on the usual safety video formula. Mr. Narrator, what’s that you said about refusing to work in unsafe conditions? I didn’t hear because THEY’RE DIGGING A MAN OUT FROM TEN TONS OF DIRT.

“You’ll take care of me when I go, won’t you, Peter? I don’t want to be walkin’ around…like THAT!”


Here’s our favourite, a kinda greatest-hits package with spooky synth.

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  1. Jay says:

    Those construction worker PSA’s were the best!!!

  2. Each and every one of these PSAs has been indelibly etched into my brain. Thanks for triggering a long-buried childhood trauma, Black Museum 😉

  3. Facundo says:

    So that’s what Goblin did on their off time! Sweet tracks

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